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Supporting programme


The following compilation of our basic prices will enable you to get an overview of the estimated costs.


Flower decoration

We would be happy to take care of the flower decoration for you. According to the type of flowers you select, you should calculate at least 17.00 € for each table arrangement. Other floral arrangements are available upon request.


Coffee and cake

If you plan to have coffee and cake in the afternoon, we would be happy to organise on your behalf the wedding cake and other cakes. If you prefer to bring the cake on your own, we charge a place setting of 2.60 € per person plus 15.50 € for each thermos flask of coffee (8 cups).


Menu Cards

We would be happy to design your menu cards for you. We charge flat rate of 1.30 € for each menu card.



The Wittelsbach Cellar is equipped with a CD player, the use of which is available free of charge. We would also be happy to assist you in the selection of musicians and bands. Please note that it is your duty to notify the GEMA and pay the royalties for all music performances presented during your celebration.


Night service charge

Our service team will attend you and your guests until 1 a.m. For each hour after 1 a.m., we charge an extra 44.00 € per service attendant. Experience has shown that one service attendant is required for 25 people.


Room costs

These costs (energy, cleaning etc.) will be charged irrespective of the board and lodging costs. We will not charge room costs, if we can anticipate a minimum amount of 30.00 € per person for food excluding drinks.