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CELLAR MAGIC 2023 / 24

The dinner shows in the Wittelsbachkeller of the Hotel Schloss Edesheim …
Music-theater-cabaret and culinary delights
Enjoy food, prosecco & entertainment in the Wittelsbachkeller at Edesheim Castle. In the historical ambience, you will experience appealing artists of all genres at close range and at the same time be spoiled by the multiple award-winning cuisine of Hotel Schloss Edesheim. You can expect an all-round experience for all the senses and certainly an unforgettable evening.

Aperitif – 3 course menu & entertainment 79 € per person

19:00 Opening of the hall and taking the seats
1. program part
Main course
2. program part

Duration approx. 3.5 hours
Info and ticket hotline 0 63 23 / 9 42 40, directly at Edesheim Castle, Luitpoldstr. 9, 67483 Edesheim


Friday 11/17/2013, 7:00 p.m.
Tributeto Heinz Erhardt
Andreas Neumann presents his Heinz Erhardt evening at Hotel Schloss Edesheim. In a uniquely successful way, parodist Andreas Neumann resurrects the popular comedian and humorist, and he does it so skillfully that Heinz Erhardt’s daughter, Grit Berthold, remarked appreciatively: When I heard Andreas Neumann, I thought my father was alive again.


Friday, 08.12.23, 19.00 h
Sylvia Brécko “Darling, let’s give it to ourselves!”
The musical-satirical Christmas show

Every year the same stress! What do we give to whom, what do we wish for, what can we exchange? From when and until when you have to endure the Christmas decorations and what visits to relatives can be bypassed?


Friday, 12.01.2024, 7.00 p.m.
Anna Krämer

In her current program, Anna Krämer again offers all kinds of crème tartlets: Her voice, her comedy, her charm, her versatility and plenty of home-baked. She always points the index finger directly at herself, hitting right at the heart and soul. The full-blooded entertainer and “Schöne Mannheims” sings and exhilarates her life songs in poetic images, slips uninhibitedly into all characters and likes to dance out of line when she simply transcends musical genres and garnishes them anew, from gentle chansonnière to rock singer.


Friday, 02.02.2024, 19.00 h
Tim Poschmann
“WHY GET MARRIED? – Leasing does it too!”
Boulevard comedy with laugh guarantee by Stephan Bauer

WHY GET MARRIED? Leasing tuts auch! by Stephan Bauer is a one-man comedy with a laugh guarantee. In 6 months it already reached over 4000 viewers! After the bestseller “Leasing tut’s auch oder warum ich nicht mehr heirate” by Stephan Bauer – staging by Ole Lehmann (among others Quatsch Comedy Club) now live on stage.

MARCH 2024

Friday, 15.03.2024, 19.00 h
Britta & Christian Habekost present the brand new fifth part of their successful novel “Elwenfels”.

Filming takes place in Elwenfels – a real gangster movie! A dead body is discovered on the wine road. Carlos recognizes the victim immediately and fears for his life! For the dead man is one of the henchmen of the Kulekov clan.

APRIL 2024

Friday, 12.04.2024, 7.00 p.m.
Ingmar Stadelmann “Are You Coming Clearly?!”
The Post Escapist Standup Comedy Show

Humor as a way out! For Ingmar Stadelmann it is clear: The polycrises of this world can only end in a gigantic punch line. With his completely new stage program “KOMMT IHR KLAR?” he undertakes the attempt to find a way out of the human miseries of the last years.


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