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Ingmar Stadelmann “Are You Coming Clearly?!”
The Post Escapist Standup Comedy Show

Humor as a way out! For Ingmar Stadelmann it is clear: The polycrises of this world can only end in a gigantic punch line. With his completely new stage program “KOMMT IHR KLAR?” he undertakes the attempt to find a way out of the human miseries of the last years. He recognizes, shows and embodies the only true solution to the problems of this world: humor! The last superpower of mankind – that which brings us together again!

Stadelmann belongs to the select circle of a handful of comedians who were allowed to bid farewell to Thomas Hermanns live in front of a large auditorium and was ennobled by Atze Schröder in the introductory remarks with the sentence: “For me, the best standup comedian we have.” Over the past 10 years, the path of Ingmar Stadelmann, who was born in East Germany and lives in Berlin, has been lined with successes: From the German Comedy Award and numerous cabaret prizes, from celebrated radio formats to entertainment shows for ProSieben to his own late-night “evening show” for rbb.

Stadelmann’s necessary consequence of this worldly and personal career, for himself and his audience, is his new stage program. In the post-escapist standup comedy show “KOMMT IHR KLAR?” he puts all the aberrations and aberrations together again.

“We are back from our collective escape from reality and now we have to learn to deal with the new reality. With humor.” And in this reality, completely new questions arise: Why don’t climate activists actually stick to the streets in Kiev? Why does Ingmar’s ENT doctor think he is a psychologist? When does permanent indignation actually become boring and how often have you thought lately: What would Klaus Kinski have done now? In this show, Ingmar Stadelmann embraces the contradictions of life and shows how absurdly funny this world is when you declare your subjective view of things to be the only truth. Because, speaking purely subjectively, Ingmar Stadelmann is of course the most important person in the world for himself, and you must have seen him live. “You’re allowed to have to laugh sometimes,” Stadelmann sums it up.

Thereby the kitchen of the castle Edesheim enchants the audience with a 3-course menu:

1.course: home-pickled graved salmon on potato and arugula salad with horseradish cream
2nd course: Veal steak with wild garlic crust, asparagus ragout and buttered potatoes
3rd course: tiramisu tartlet with strawberry salad and cappuccino ice cream

Friday, 12.04.2024, 19.00, Edesheim Castle
Aperitif, 3 course menu and entertainment Duration: approx. 3.5 hours.
79,00 € per person

Information and ticket hotline at 06323 / 94 24-0
Edesheim Castle
Luitpoldstr. 9, 67483 Edesheim


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