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“WHY GET MARRIED? – Leasing does it too!”
Boulevard comedy with laugh guarantee by Stephan Bauer

WHY GET MARRIED? Leasing tuts auch! by Stephan Bauer is a one-man comedy with a laugh guarantee. In 6 months it already reached over 4000 viewers! After the bestseller “Leasing tut’s auch oder warum ich nicht mehr heirate” by Stephan Bauer – staging by Ole Lehmann (among others Quatsch Comedy Club) now live on stage. For men nowadays it is not important that a woman can cook, but that she does not know a good lawyer. The man knows by now anyway: He who lies on top must flush. The only important thing today is that the relationship is balanced: one is right, the other is the husband. Almost everyone once had such dreams of a happy and fulfilling existence. And what is left of it? At 25 you marry the person who fucks your mind away…. – and at 50 you are shocked to realize: he succeeded! After 15 years of marriage, Georg is SINGLE again. Now it’s time to start looking for a new relationship. However, the old excuse: “I have a six-pack…but in a bacon coat!” used to be even funnier. Staying young is the order of the day! Even if it is only by having braces made on the third…. Actor: Tim Poschmann is an actor with Palatinate roots and is one of the most booked actors in the region. Tim plays more than 200 performances a year. He is a reincarnation between Heinz Erhard, Harald Juhnke and Louis de Funès. No other theater genre suits him as well as comedy. With “Why get married? – Leasing tut’s auch” Tim Poschmann had his debut as a solo artist.

Thereby the kitchen of the castle Edesheim enchants the audience with a 3-course menu:

1st course: Tuna tataki with wakame salad and wasabi cream
2nd course: Glazed pork belly with pea puree and roasted potatoes
3rd course: passion fruit tartlet with pina colada ice cream

Friday, 02.02.2024, 19.00, Edesheim Castle
Aperitif, 3 course menu and entertainment Duration: approx. 3.5 hours.
79,00 € per person.

Information and ticket hotline at 06323 / 94 24-0


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