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Friday, 21.04.2023
Gray coat, red cheeks, a strict bun and her own view on things in life. That’s how you know Jutta Hinderberger, who has been on stage as Kättl Feierdaach for 20 years now. Your new program for your stage anniversary has it all again. With a lot of wordplay and situation comedy, Kättel Feierdaach explains how everyday occurrences, such as accepting packages for the neighborhood, can quickly turn into a moderately serious disaster. Of course, it is never her fault. After all, she only means well!
The sentence “You! Isch weeß es jo aach net” in most cases introduces an absurd situation that can only happen to the Kättl. Much to the amusement of the audience, who repeatedly wipe tears of laughter from their eyes during her rambling explanations and justifications. As a helpful friend and dutiful neighbor, Kättl knows exactly what to do when her friend Hannelore is miffed, when a letter from her neighbor lands in her mailbox, or when new neighbors move in.
Her husband, affectionately known as “Moiner”, again ensures that married life is not boring when shopping, in the parking garage or in traffic jams, and that Kättl’s nerves are sometimes on edge.

The kitchen of Edesheim Castle will enchant the audience with a 3-course menu to match the play:

✰ 1st course: House-pickled graved salmon on potato- arugula salad with horseradish cream
✰ 2nd course: Veal steak with wild garlic crust, asparagus ragout and buttered potatoes
✰ 3rd course: Tiramisut tartlet with strawberries and vanilla ice cream

The dinner shows in the Wittelsbachkeller of the Hotel Schloss Edesheim – schedule
7 pm Opening of the hall and taking the seats
1. program part
Main course
2. program part

Duration: about 3.5 hours
Price: 79 € p.P (aperitif – 3 course menu & entertainment)

Information about the cellar magic
For information please contact the Schloss Edesheim store directly, Luitpoldstr. 9, 67483 Edesheim, telephone 06323 / 9424-0.


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