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Dark secrets from Chiefinspector Bourke’s past….
The Championship of the year 1965 of the Scottish angling club “Stillwater” at Loch Lommond should not be missed! Because not only does the winner qualify for next year’s Scottish National Fishing Championship, no, it also gives them the chance to become one of the top 7 anglers on the Scottish National Team. What an honor!

Chiefinspector Bourke AD has landed one of the highly coveted seats and is now ready to outdo all the competition – and on the eve of Cora’s 30th birthday of all days! To make sure he is back on time the next day, Lady Ashtonburry agrees to accompany him. But even during the first round of spin fishing, Bourke hooks something thick. However, it is not the expected pike, but an unexpected dead. And what’s more, Bourke knows the dead man all too well! This was, in fact, the reason why he left the police service not entirely voluntarily three years ago. Deep waters open up and provide insights into Bourke’s previously unknown, dark past – and so he is quickly considered the prime suspect. When the water is up to his neck, Lady Ashtonburry takes the landing net into her own hands. She doesn’t want to continue fishing in the mud, but finally wants to land the truth. But did she use the right bait? It remains exciting!

Be there when “old posers” shout “Petri to the 1st meter” to each other at the “Catch and Release”, Spinns and Flys compete against each other and the question remains open whether a body counts even if it has not bitten, but only been hooked.
Venue: Hotel Schloss Edesheim, Luitpoldstrasse 9, 67483 Edesheim, Germany

09 March 2023

Price: 89 €, incl. 4-course menu
Start: 19.00


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